Mindful Film founded by Leigha Monier-Williams

(2015 - )

Leigha’s experience ranges from producing in film, television, commercial and branded. Beginning her career at Chelsea Pictures she worked on documentary-style commercials for brands that include United Airlines, P&G and Target. She honed her skills as a creator while working freelance for directors such as Roman Coppola, Lauren Greenfield, and Jonah Hill. Wanting to expand her realm of creating she decided to work for a creative agency making content for Snapchat and Uber. Enjoying her experience working closely with brands, she joined Johannes Leonardo to work on the adidas Originals account.

“My process with making a documentary is uncovering a place in the world I didn't know before. I find something that calls my heart and then the story reveals itself.  The last short documentary I submerged myself into the world of transvestite prostitution, gang relations, faith and homelessness in the heart of Hollywood for almost two years. For my narrative work, it is an idea that is sparked in my mind. Sometimes in the form of a concept or a stream of consciousness. Through development that takes form and shapes into a fluid story. ” 

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