Creative Producer: Leigha Monier-Williams 


Leigha’s professional experience ranges from producing in film, television, commercial, print and branded. Beginning her career at Chelsea Pictures, she worked on documentary-style commercials for brands that include United Airlines, P&G, and Target. She honed her skills as a creator while working freelance for directors such as Roman Coppola, Lauren Greenfield, and Jonah Hill.

Wanting to expand her realm of creating, she decided to work for a creative agency making content for Snapchat and Uber. Enjoying her experience working closely with brands, she joined Johannes Leonardo to work on the adidas Originals account, focusing on print campaigns to round out her skills as an integrated producer.

In her free time she has won multiple awards for documentary film and narrative work, playing festivals worldwide. She is working on a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Parsons, and she enjoys speaking engagements to talk about research.

Currently, Leigha is freelancing and looking to make more content with more brands.

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