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photography as a love affair


The millennial generation was dealt a hard hand in early adulthood. Adjusting previous expectations with realities. When Zoey Radkey and Nate Homve have a chance meeting, their clashing ideas of hope may change how they live forever.

A timely piece about the lull in the millennial generation between young adult and adulthood. Zoey and Nate find each other in a moment that was needed.

March 2016

Inspired by french new wave and baroque style.

Stylistic driven with silence that plaques most the film. We blend fantasy and reality and the ideas of prescription medication has on the psychosis.

The film held a special message. During pre-production the main actor and dear friend of the writer / director had a unexpected tragic ending to his life.

A theme that drives this story forward is grasping life for every moment. We aren’t promised our next breathe. Don’t take that lightly.

                            rip. Bobby Lewis