Leigha Monier-Williams began her career at Chelsea Pictures, she worked on documentary commericals for major brands including United, P&G, and Target with directors such as Roman Coppola, Lauren Greenfield, and Jonah Hill. Wanting to expand she started working for a creative agency on Uber, Snapchat, and adidas Originals. Recently she has moved to freelancing direct with brands like Away Luggage and Eden’s.

In her free time Leigha has won multiple awards for documentary filmmaking, created poetry books, and traveled the world. She is currently working on a Masters Degree from The New School in NYC for Cultural Anthropology. 

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Leigha Monier-Williams


This is a photo series taken over the course of 2017 from New York to Los Angeles. Idea behind the exploration is. Still photos taken with a 35mm camera. 

“The subconscious connection to my childhood. The transit nature drew me in. A place where you arrive for something new. Park your car collect or drop off an item a person or a memory. A place where something is lost and found in the same moment. The use for them is the same across cities. It is a unifier between family, friends, ideas and strangers looking for similar things.”